About Us

We met via Angela Shelton when she said, "If everyone in my phone knew everyone else in my phone, the world would be a better place." 

She started RockStar Reformers as a safe private way for us to connect and she was correct, the world is a better place because we know each other! 

Angela had the makeup artist give her a black eye to symbolize those who have been through it, those who are still in it, and those who are fighting their way out of it. 

We are a diverse community network of Rockstar Warriors who share similar core wounds and who empower and elevate each other so that together we live happily ever after, no matter what we've been through, and inspire joy in all of our lives.

We are writing books, becoming coaches, starting new businesses, making movies, following dreams of becoming artists, losing weight, getting healthy, and having FUN!! 

Your purpose is more important than your pain and Reformers KNOW the pain, we've all been there. We know Angela Shelton for a reason! 

We reflect our Rockstar Warrior Spirits, not our wounds.

We are creatives and service workers, authors, speakers, therapists, social workers, performers, CEOS, professors, healers, speakers, business owners, support group and retreat directors, thought leaders, ministers, lawyers, artists, designers, gardeners, filmmakers and creators and all around ROCK STARS.

We know the wounds of child sexual abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence either as survivors or support teams. By us organizing our efforts and utilizing the power of our network community we help ourselves and each other elevate and expand.

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We have daily, weekly, monthly, and one-time Courses, Classes, Events, Groups, and Private Spaces so that you can find what you need every day you need it, even if it's just a good laugh and a place to vent! 

What does REFORMERS mean?

Reformers come from a prayer: God is sending in the wild ones, the ones rough around the edges with pure hearts and reformational hammers to break through old systems that no longer serve us. We are not coming in a rage but are a threat to old systems that harm women and children. We are the repairers, the builders of things yet unseen and unheard. We are the magic makers, the wounded healers who liberate others from pain and suffering. 

We carry torches of revival and the Sword of Trauma.

One Reformer makes a difference in the world. Together we have Impact!

Edited from a Reformers Prayer. 

Why it's important we join this Community

Most of us do-gooders who have been helping others more than ourselves. We know how it is to live like a lone wolf. We tend to do the work ourselves because we can get it done before taking the time to explain to someone else how to do it. We know. We all get it. 

This is our co-op community to share our projects, non-profits, companies and products. Learn from each other, share, and expand. 

Think of it like a huge exclusive festival and you have booths, main stages, private areas, distribution, storage, a network channel for your video content, and shipping and handling - so that you have what you need at whatever level you are at.  

From writing our books, creating international courses, getting healthy and fit, purging old stuff, and honing our higher connections - we are Warriors in a Round Room going FULL CIRCLE in body, mind, and spirit. 

We have witnesses, cheering sections, daily check-ins, how-to manuals for the next level stages, and warrior sword sharpening sessions. 

Here, you find your power, reignite flames, reboot batteries, recharge your Light so that together, we scale our missions to change the world and protect future children simply by doing what we already are called to do - and now we have backup and are scaling.

Thank you for being a Rockstar by getting this far!

Thank you for being a rock star for so long. 

Thank you for all of your years of hard work, surviving and helping others while dealing with your own panic, anxiety and breakdowns. We understand. We get the struggle.

Now it's time to have some FUN. 

We are rising and we are rising collectively. 

A Co-Op Community

This non-competitive space is hosted by Funny, Foxy, Freebird ambassador to healing, Angela Shelton, so that we have no rules and regulations silencing any part of us. Angela is not locked down by government funding, has no silent clauses from exclusive companies, and no company owning or controlling our content, or being able to cancel us. 

You own your content. 

This is a place to co-create, share, monetize, and expand your reach. 

This ALL began when Angela Shelton said, "When everyone in my phone knows everyone in my phone, the world will be a better place." She took action to make THIS happen. 

This powerful train has left the station. Get on it! 

A Place to Empower and Expand

The entire point of this community network is to move past our own limitations, help each other in a wide variety of ways from health and wellness to financial FUN and freedom so that we all empower each other, our clients and audiences, and expand our reach, hearts, healing, and justice. 

Choose a Plan

All Courses, Classes, Events etc lead to access to the Community. 

You will begin to see many pathways from our Reformers who are masterminding their own Spaces. 

For those READY to contribute and receive and truly wield your sword:

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We have a lower amount set in place so that you can check us out and then expand. There is no price that can be put on total life change.